[ASCI]3 Online ASCI Cube Alumni August 18 (Wed.), 18:00 (GMT+9)

Greetings from ASCI!

It’s been 12 years since ASCI launched its Advanced School for Core Investigation from ASCI (ASCI Cube ([ASCI]3) Program, former [ASCI]2) to recruit young ASCI members of high potential and train them to become representative scholars of Asia and lecturers at world-wide annual congresses.

Due to the worldwide pandemic, we are unfortunately unable to hole the ASCI ([ASCI]3) Program off-line as usual this year.

Different from the original program of Cube, ASCI Cube Alumni 2021 which is a sort of social-academic event for the participants which will be held. There will be presentations of the past best trainees awarded at the previous ASCI Square/Cube to follow-up on their research.

If you are interested in this program, you can join as an audience.

The link for free registration: here 

Click here  for the programme.

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