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Introduction to Danang City

Danang in central Vietnam with distance almost evenly divided between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Danang is the center of three world cultural heritage as Hue, Hoi An ancient town and My Son Sanctuary. Not only that, Da Nang is located at the end of the line East-West Economic Corridor and is the gateway to the Pacific Ocean by the countries of Myanmar, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam.

1. Diversity of natural landscape

Da Nang is a coastal city with more than 60 km long beach. With beautiful beaches, gentle stretches and endless white sand, Danang US Forbes magazine as 1 of 6 voted sexiest beach planet. Not only that, there are many services for your beach experience as canoing, whether drawn, windsurfing, banana boating, water motor, snorkelling coral.

Da Nang city

Not only celebrated by the beautiful beaches, Danang also bears a separate appeal by position leaning against the majestic Truong Son range, Son Tra Peninsula have reached the sea. Thus, Da Nang, Hai Van Pass with children dubbed "Junior Hero optical galaxy" with landscape overlooking the sea extremely spectacular and rugged track glide. From the day of Hai Van Pass Tunnel longest Vietnam is in use, the North-South traffic easier and safer than before and Hai Van gradually become a destination of enthusiasts and enjoy nature.

Danang also tourism brand Bana Hills. Be explored and built during French colonial times, resorts Bana increasingly attracts tourists with cable system achieved two world records and the entertainment in the largest in Southeast Asia - Fantasy Park.

Bana is located to the west of the city was facing northeast, visitors discover Son Tra peninsula - the forest between the city with the flora and fauna rich with unspoiled beaches bumpy rocks. Then back to the Southeast is Ngu Hanh Son, not only contains natural beauty but also steeped in cultural values ​​and religion.

Bana hill

2. Environment friendly and active living

Not only are blessed to many beautiful landscape, Danang is a city worth living by the fresh and peaceful here. Each continuously hold the highest ranking country in terms of speed of economic development, but Danang maintains good order and security, no beggars, no drug addicts in the community and very rare the traffic jams.

That was the reason that visitors complete comfort and peace of mind when walking around the city. To Danang, visitors will enjoy specialty dishes like Quang noodles, pork roll, fresh seafood restaurants in more than 150 senior and qualified.

3. Ease of access

International airports Danang

Very convenient for visitors to Danang. Danang international airport with a capacity of 6 million passengers / year and now has many direct international routes. Tien Sa deep water port where often receive luxury yachts, takes visitors to Danang. Danang is the main stops of trains and buses.